Lab projects

Innovative new concepts

In the lab we demonstrate some innovative projects we are working on, in which we implement cutting edge technologies and new insights in the field of interaction- and information design.  

Huddle increases participation by notifying you of consulations relevant to your interests. It learns what interests you by simply looking at your Facebook likes. Huddle is available on all platforms with a strong focus on mobile. The consultations are inviting and engaging. Huddle immediately presents an interactive data visualization of the gathered information. This increases participation and gives both citizens and politicians a powerful tool to gain insight in complex questions.



Which governments are watching you? This Chrome plugin visualizes your exposure to webservices while you're browsing the internet. It displays with which governments this data can be shared, and if you need to be worried about it regarding the government reputation on previous requests and human rights.
Install it in your browser to see how your favorite websites perform and see for yourself which data is shared to governments around the world. Download for free at the Chrome Web Store

If you're not on Chrome, watch a demonstration video on YouTube:

Not a lot happening

Some are watching

A lot of governments watching

This browser visualizes trends and patterns in Google online takedown requests from copyright owners and governments. It provides a monthly overview of requests and targeted domains or products, ordered by time and volume. Colors indicate if requests were justified, and the degree of copyright infringement of the targets. Extended information about requests and targets can be revealed by hovering or clicking items.

This browser won the 1st prize at Online Takedown Requests Challenge!

See it in action at: 

Google Online Takedown Requests Browser


We recently took a small venture into the world of augmented reality. This is the result.


Bubbles is a brainstorm tool which facilitates and stimulates live registration of brainstormed ideas. With the tool a user can enter keywords as bubbles, which can be connected. By connecting bubbles ideas are automatically grouped which provides the user new insights.

Design machine

The Design Machine gives an insight into the wonderful world of design thinking. Where designers usually work in top secret behind closed doors, we give full access into the design practice during live design events. The Design Machine is initiated by WAACS design & consultancy and organized together with Raw Shaping Technology and Frontwise Digital Innovators.

For more information, visit

UN Global Pulse Data Visualization and UN Global Pulse put up a data visualization contest for their survey which asked people in different regions of the world how they are dealing with the effects of the global economic crisis. Our entry visualizes the data in a dataflower, where each ring represents the answers for a question. By hovering the answer categories a story is created from the answers on the subsequent questions.

See it for yourself at