Wikipedia Collections

For Wikimedia Nederland we've created a responsive website and a styled kiosk which provide contextual information for museum collections.

In this project Frontwise provided concept, design and development.


Linked-data collection browser

DIVE is a linked-data digital cultural heritage collection browser. It was developed to provide innovative access to heritage objects from heterogeneous collections, using historical events and narratives as the context for searching, browsing and presenting of individual and group of objects.

Essent SlimmeMeter

Real-time energy consumption insight

Concept, (interaction) design and realisation of a cross-platform mobile application to get a better understanding of your energy consumption.


Translation platform

Concept, (interaction) design and realisation of a webplatform for translation services, to facilitate the complete process of professional translations.


Transmedial search engine

TROVe is a transmedial search engine for digital humanities that supports analyses of the dissemination of information over time. Frontwise designed and developed the highly innovative interface.


A new(s) platform

Financial/economic investigative journalism in the Netherlands deserves a platform to keep them honest.
For Follow the Money we designed and developed a website which reaches hundreds of thousands of readers.

Pelle Puzzelt

A tablet game for children with dyslexia

Pelle Puzzelt was created to help dyslectic children keep up their reading skills over the summer holidays. The application consists of educational word-search puzzles and includes a minigame and several other rewards for fun and motivation. 


Empowering patients with information

MediMapp guides patients through cancer diagnosis trajectory. It shows an overview of one's personal clinical pathway and provides an interface to detailed information about past and future appointments.

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Interactive magazine for managers

The LeiderschApp is an interactive iPad magazine that informs and inspires Belastingdienst managers with a leadership program.


Interactive Annual Reports

Strategy, design and development of an integrated reporting platform that communicates TenCate's core values and provides business information. The smart interface facilitates different target groups in acquiring relevant data.

Imtech Marine & Offshore

Energy management interfaces for the future

A future study for Imtech Marine & Offshore concerning a design philosophy for energy management interfaces and the development of the Imtech Marine Energy Mixer concept.


Matchmaker for coaches and organisations

OnzeCoach (OurCoach) is an online coaching platform which recently started in the Netherlands. We developed the complete coaching platform as well as the visual identity for the brand.

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Platform for the support of biogas production

Redesign and remake of their current (wordpress) website, for a more appealing website to their target groups. Resulting in a fresh design, a responsive layout and a smart search function.

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Facebook applications

Development of various Facebook applications

In partnership with a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer we created various Facebook applications.

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

Editor for creating custom windscreen designs

An interactive web based editor for creating windscreen designs for a competition. The winner received a windscreen featuring its design printed on TenCate fabric.



News isn't bound to the medium.

Follow the Money is an investigative journalism platform, and a responsive website facilitates reading on every device.


Readers spend more time on the website, reading more articles and clicking through more pages. Besides well written articles this is caused by a design which facilitates a good reading experience.


A new publishing platform enables Follow the Money to give breaking articles the attention they deserve. And we've seen the result in the huge increase in visitor numbers!


Visitors who enter the website and leave quickly thereafter are called bounces. The new article design pulls visitors in the articles by using large images and headers, which greatly reduced the bounces.


Optimisation of file size and smart use of caching systems resulted in a far more responsive website in terms of page speed load. This is directly related to more page views and less bounces.



Follow the Money author's and columnists are given a prominent and recognizable style. This gives the website a uniform look, and still keeps the personal feeling to the columns. 
And as a bonus, the readers can easily spot their favorite writers.


The Content Management System easily links articles together by using tags. Comes in handy for writers and readers to see recommended articles.


Articles can be bundled into files (dossiers), which gives visitors context and creates a story of successive developments.


Readers can control their preferred reading experience by changing the article font size.


Reach a larger audience by integrated sharing functions for social networks within the articles.



A clean design presents visitors the essential functions at a glance. The article title and image suck readers into the article, whereas the author and article tags provide meaningful context. Social sharing is encouraged by presenting the total shares of the current article.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

Ultimately Follow the Money has a news platform which has all the tools to produce, publish, curate and discuss about investigative journalism.

By providing journalists with up-to-date tools and giving the readers an optimal experience, we've created a platform to be used for the coming years.